Jay » Haha.. Its been awile since i last enter a post here.. Lotsa things changed.. I've changed..
Jay » Day 6 : Wednesday. Tml last weekday work.. Friday got test.. sat half day..after tat, gotta hand in ITP bk.. after all, finally a well deserve rest..
Jay » Day 5 : In school..doin nth jus yet..but im goin hm already..hen i go 2 sch 4 wat? hmm..I wonder.. A catalyst? An object? I wonder
Jay » Day 4am : feelin sick cos stayed up late and ate chocolate.. die lah.. *vomit.. Help me..
Jay » Day 3 : Gonna meet Bernd at Carrefour soon..For some shoppin for the both of us..Aili would be such a fortunate girl to hv Bernd as a bf..Bless u Bernd.. Bless me too..
Jay » Day 2 : pass by in a breeze.. maybe cos of some delightful moment.. during lunch? but its not the food.. wat could it be?
Jay » Day 1 : pretty hectic.. mix feeling.. wonderin whether Im cheerful or am i jus mad? happy yet sad.. sad to be happy.. why? izzit love?
Jay » hmm.. gues no one access to tis blog anymore.. so i can write personal stuffs here loh..
J.J.Jerome » Theres a girl whom I love since my first year in poly.. Melody melody her voice speaks.. This girls was my classmate and friend too.. Lovingly lovely is wat she can do..
Pissed Off » i give up... like a broken story with no ending is with describes best abt tis blog
Jay » msg me all u hv to say.. pls..share
Jay » u want to say wat then say.. serious.. i wanna know wat u hv to say..pls.. its xmas.. share
Elessar » nothing
Jay » ya what evin?
Jay » Chapter 6?
Bernd » really sorry everyone... went away for awhile due to exams... now i'm back in operation... i apologise for any inconvenience caused.
SOB » MF man.. Damn F slow man.. I wait until LL liao man..
Elessar » nice nice.... but somehow, very "IS"
esther »
esther »
Maybelline »
Jeron Jay » I'm the first.. nice baby blue template.. Somewhat describe my friend here, Bernd.. Austere but elegant
Bernd » Welcome all! Continue to enjoy my works and post your comments here!