Entry: Chapter 5: Blinded Friday, December 05, 2003

The game ended earlier than Baz had expected. It was enjoyable, no doubt, and Baz was particularly happy in the company of the girls, especially Dawn. Baz was immediately captured by her friendliness and warmth. After everybody had changed, Dawn suggested somewhere that they could go for dinner.


“Dinner was great, wasn’t it?” Dawn asked Baz while on the way home. “Yeah…” Baz nodded in agreement. As Dawn stayed in his vicinity, Baz decided that it might be just appropriate that he send Dawn home. Somehow or rather, he enjoyed Dawn’s company and he did not mind making the extra effort. Both of them talked about nearly anything and everything that they could think of and seem like long lost friends. Just before they approached Dawn’s house, Baz gathered up his courage and asked, “Dawn... Will you be free this Saturday? Want to go for a movie together?” He looked down immediately upon asking, shying away. There was always the fear of rejection. “Erm… Sure! I’ll be free.” Dawn gave the reply that Baz had wished for. Excited, he smiled and wished goodnight to Dawn before leaving for home.


Baz felt extremely happy, something he had not felt in a long time. Was Dawn going to be his new found love? Or is God trying to play another cruel trick on him yet again? Thoughts filled Baz’s mind as he lied awake on his bed. Nevertheless, he did not want to mind so much as he felt that he was in love with Dawn already. He did not want to give her up for anything else. “What will come will come…” Baz decided as he closed his eyes.


“Hey bro… Heard you’re having something on with Dawn huh?” Josh chided when he saw Baz the following day. “Nah… We’re just friends.” Baz played it down, his cheeks already blushing. “Confident about the results later?” Baz cleverly changed the topic of conversation. It was something Josh was terribly afraid of. “Well… I’m hoping for the best. Good luck to you too…” Josh calmed himself down. The thought of getting the results of the promotional exams completely transformed his moods. Baz was just glad to get out of a sticky situation.


The moment of truth has arrived. Baz stared at the thick stack of result slips in the teacher’s hands. He got into line as the class queued up for their destiny. The queue moved quickly. Baz was up next. He clasped his hands hard and prayed. He did not want to be retained. “Congratulations Baz, you’ve passed. You’re promoted to Grade 12.” Those words sounded like music to Baz’s ears.


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