Entry: Chapter 4: Beginning of the end Wednesday, November 19, 2003

With seconds ticking away for Baz to clinch the crucial match, plenty of thoughts ran through Baz’s head as his opponent prepared to serve. “Focus… Don’t let this slip… Focus…” Baz keep reminding himself. He glanced away for a moment to relieve the immense pressure of the game. It was then he spotted a familiar face in amidst the crowds, Elle. Rather than providing Baz with a source of motivation, the presence of Elle only served to distract Baz even further. Thoughts of the unhappy moments immediately resurfaced in Baz’s head and within seconds, Baz’s concentration was disrupted. The image of Haydon sitting beside Elle did not help Baz much either. The smacking sound of the opponent’s racquet was all Baz could muster out next. “Ace! Advantage Sheffield College.” the umpire shouted. Baz went on to lose the next point and before he knew it, he was out of the competition.

Being knocked out in the semifinals was extremely disappointing. Baz had progressed well yet he let himself down by not focusing hard enough. “What happened there? You really should have done better. I do not want to witness that horrific performance again!” the harsh words of Mr. Lerner boomed in Baz’s ears.

“Come on, cheer up! Don’t be so upset, you did pretty well to get into the semis.” Josh tried to lift the gloom off Baz’s face. They had been close friends since first grade and practically grew up together. Josh was among those present at the match. Being such close friends, he knew exactly what was going through Baz’s mind. “It was Elle, wasn’t it? Damn that bitch, she had the nerve to be there.” Josh was a person who never hid his true feelings. “Nah it wasn’t her, it was just my mistake.” Baz played it down. “Let’s go for some drinks!” Josh smiled and nodded, seeing that he had succeeded in lifting Baz’s spirits.

Baz stared at his test results, stunned. The big promotional exams are only weeks away and his results for all his subjects are still far from being ideal. If nothing is to be done, Baz knows that he will be heading for disaster. Being in the same class along with Haydon and Elle did not help Baz’s case of concentrating in class either. The recently concluded tennis championships also took up a large portion of Baz’s time, leaving him with little time to study. “Damn... What am I gonna do now?” Baz panicked. The stress was getting to his head.

When school ended, Baz immediately slipped into his tennis gear, having decided to take a break and play some tennis. He could not find Josh around but decided to go ahead anyway, hoping that perhaps somebody else will be there playing too.

“Hey! Wanna have a game with us?” a familiar voice shouted out as Baz entered the tennis courts. Three of the girls from the girls’ tennis team were practicing at the corner court. Baz accepted the invitation. One of them went up to Baz. “Hi! I’m Dawn. Nice to meet you.”


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