Entry: Chapter 3: Mending a broken heart Wednesday, November 19, 2003

There was only one word that could describe Baz’s feeling after that incident, traumatized. It was one of the last things he would have thought that could happen to him. “No use crying over spilt milk,” Baz consoled himself , “I must not let this incident get the better of me.” Baz was determined to stay strong. Occasionally on some nights, when the loneliness and emptiness descends upon Baz’s broken heart, Baz would just lie awake on his bed and find his pillow dampened by his tears. Other than that, Baz was getting along fine. Really.

“Right, that’s it for today. I’ll see all of you back here next week.” the tennis coach instructed. Tennis training had been pretty tough of late due to upcoming championships and Baz, having faithfully attended every single training session, wanted to do well. Most of the seniors in the team had already competed last year and the coach, Mr. Lerner, wanted to field in the juniors to see how they will fare. “Baz, make sure you do your best and make the college proud.” Baz remembered the words that Mr. Lerner said to him before leaving.

Mr. Lerner smiled as he filled in the team list for the tennis championships. He was certain that Baz will do him proud and he had placed high hopes in his uprising star. Ever since joining the school tennis team two months ago, Baz was highly motivated to train hard and he never missed a training session. It was his determination and consistency that impressed Mr. Lerner, who is also in charge of student welfare of Chatsworth College. One thing he noticed about Baz was his reluctance to reveal much about himself. Baz always seem to have something on his mind yet Mr. Lerner could not find out what it was. Nonetheless, he hoped that it would not affect Baz too much.

The long awaited day finally arrived. The sunny skies scorched the backs of every tennis player in their designated courts. Baz had been chosen to represent Chatsworth College in the men’s singles and the double’s tournament. He was all set to go.

“I want everybody to give their best effort today, no mistakes…” Mr. Lerner spoke to the team ahead of the battle. “Our opponents are no pushovers so I want everyone to focus.” He continued. “Before that, I would like to make an important announcement.” He paused a moment to keep the suspense.

“Our new captain for the tennis team for 2003 will be…” he looked into the eager eyes of the hopefuls.


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