Entry: Chapter 2: Betrayed Trust Wednesday, November 19, 2003

The lunch went on as smoothly as Baz could imagine it to be, except for the fact that there was little conversation between Baz and Elle, perhaps due to Bazís shyness. There was one thing that troubled Baz though. Haydon and Elle seem to click together like old pals did and that was not the situation that Baz had wanted. Anyway, Baz felt glad that there were no glitches and as long as he felt right, he could still work his chance with Elle. Surely Haydon meant no harm at all, or so he thought.

A month or two passed and things did not progress the way Baz wished for them to be. The situation between him and Elle seem to have come to a standstill. Out of the blue, Baz received the dreaded news. It was rumoured that Haydon and Elle had got together. At first, it seems unbelievable to Baz and there was nothing on his mind except for questions. Baz remembered what Haydon had said when he approached Haydon for help, ďDonít worry palÖ Just go for it. Being her close friend, I can tell that you stand a chance. Do your best and Iíll be behind you all the way!Ē

Has Haydon actually played Baz out in order to have Elle all to himself? Or has Baz just lost out to Haydon in this game of love? There are so many questions that keep resurfacing in Bazís head yet he does not have an answer to anyone of them. Suddenly, the saying that goes ďAllís fair in love and war.Ē is no longer true for Baz anymore.

What happened next was as unpredictable as the April weather. Indeed, the rumoured relationship has already blossomed into a happy and everlasting one at the expense of Bazís misery. At times, the sight of Haydon and Elle just disgusts Baz but there was nothing Baz could do about it. There was no way that Baz could turn back the hands of time. As much as it may hurt Baz, he just had to get over it and carry on. Baz was determined not to let this unfortunate incident get the better of him and decided to at least try to put it behind him.

As Baz was making his way home from school, he decided to buy some food home while passing by the grocerís. At the same time, he saw Haydon and Elle walking around town, hand in hand. There was a bitter taste in his mouth.


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