Entry: The Junction of an Eighteen Mile Journey - Chapter 1: Promising Future Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Now... a first story that is entirely created by me. Whether it is true or otherwise, I leave it to the individual to read it and to believe for himself. Its a ten-part series and I hope you may enjoy it. (Identities have been altered to protect the individuals. Any similarity is purely coincidental.) Here, I present...


Chapter 1: Promising Future

Baz stared long and hard at the stage. There was something going on at that moment but somehow he could not help but divert his attention away. It was extremely boring to the extent that one will derive more pleasure by watching a finger nail grow. Baz just did not had a clue as to what will he do or what is going to happen. "I better take things as they go..." he assured himself and took the easier way out. "Relax, there ain't going to be anything terrible that is going to happen to me. I'll be fine... I hope."

"Well... with that I guarantee all of you a pleasant stay in this college. You may return to your rooms now to gather with your fellow classmates." the principal bellowed. Baz was brought back to reality from his daydreaming. "Relax" was all he could murmur to himself as he entered his room. He quickly settled down in a corner table. Life in a new environment was never going to be easy but he was determined to get through it. The transition from high school to college was something that had to be overcame. Chatsworth College has been one of the more famous colleges around the North-east and Baz was more than happy to be admitted here.

In a blink of an eye, a month quickly passed and Baz was slowly getting into the rhythm of this new college life. Classmates have been great and made him felt very much at home. Like any adolescent male, Baz was gradually feeling a sense of attraction towards members of the opposite sex. It never used to be a problem for him as he just shook the feeling off whenever it arises. Now it is completely different and it involved somebody in his class! The excitement was more than he could handle and the feeling just grew day by day. Her name is Elle.

Engaging the help of a another classmate named Haydon, Baz managed to get to know Elle a little better but still, Baz did not felt that it was enough. Taking his courage further, he requested that Haydon arranged a small group outing to further boost his chances of getting closer to Elle. " This may just work out fine for me..." Baz grimaced at his ingenuity.
Two weeks later, the long awaited day came. It was scheduled to be after school. Baz followed the group of friends closely for lunch, consisting of Haydon, Elle, Shelly and of course Baz himself. "Boy Elle sure look good... I really have to take this opportunity to know her well!" Baz did not had this feeling before but he really enjoyed it.

Before lunch, he took his seat opposite Elle. "Hi, my name is Elle. Nice to meet you." Baz's heart almost stopped beating.


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