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Friday, December 05, 2003
Chapter 5: Blinded

The game ended earlier than Baz had expected. It was enjoyable, no doubt, and Baz was particularly happy in the company of the girls, especially Dawn. Baz was immediately captured by her friendliness and warmth. After everybody had changed, Dawn suggested somewhere that they could go for dinner.


“Dinner was great, wasn’t it?” Dawn asked Baz while on the way home. “Yeah…” Baz nodded in agreement. As Dawn stayed in his vicinity, Baz decided that it might be just appropriate that he send Dawn home. Somehow or rather, he enjoyed Dawn’s company and he did not mind making the extra effort. Both of them talked about nearly anything and everything that they could think of and seem like long lost friends. Just before they approached Dawn’s house, Baz gathered up his courage and asked, “Dawn... Will you be free this Saturday? Want to go for a movie together?” He looked down immediately upon asking, shying away. There was always the fear of rejection. “Erm… Sure! I’ll be free.” Dawn gave the reply that Baz had wished for. Excited, he smiled and wished goodnight to Dawn before leaving for home.


Baz felt extremely happy, something he had not felt in a long time. Was Dawn going to be his new found love? Or is God trying to play another cruel trick on him yet again? Thoughts filled Baz’s mind as he lied awake on his bed. Nevertheless, he did not want to mind so much as he felt that he was in love with Dawn already. He did not want to give her up for anything else. “What will come will come…” Baz decided as he closed his eyes.


“Hey bro… Heard you’re having something on with Dawn huh?” Josh chided when he saw Baz the following day. “Nah… We’re just friends.” Baz played it down, his cheeks already blushing. “Confident about the results later?” Baz cleverly changed the topic of conversation. It was something Josh was terribly afraid of. “Well… I’m hoping for the best. Good luck to you too…” Josh calmed himself down. The thought of getting the results of the promotional exams completely transformed his moods. Baz was just glad to get out of a sticky situation.


The moment of truth has arrived. Baz stared at the thick stack of result slips in the teacher’s hands. He got into line as the class queued up for their destiny. The queue moved quickly. Baz was up next. He clasped his hands hard and prayed. He did not want to be retained. “Congratulations Baz, you’ve passed. You’re promoted to Grade 12.” Those words sounded like music to Baz’s ears.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2003
Chapter 4: Beginning of the end

With seconds ticking away for Baz to clinch the crucial match, plenty of thoughts ran through Baz’s head as his opponent prepared to serve. “Focus… Don’t let this slip… Focus…” Baz keep reminding himself. He glanced away for a moment to relieve the immense pressure of the game. It was then he spotted a familiar face in amidst the crowds, Elle. Rather than providing Baz with a source of motivation, the presence of Elle only served to distract Baz even further. Thoughts of the unhappy moments immediately resurfaced in Baz’s head and within seconds, Baz’s concentration was disrupted. The image of Haydon sitting beside Elle did not help Baz much either. The smacking sound of the opponent’s racquet was all Baz could muster out next. “Ace! Advantage Sheffield College.” the umpire shouted. Baz went on to lose the next point and before he knew it, he was out of the competition.

Being knocked out in the semifinals was extremely disappointing. Baz had progressed well yet he let himself down by not focusing hard enough. “What happened there? You really should have done better. I do not want to witness that horrific performance again!” the harsh words of Mr. Lerner boomed in Baz’s ears.

“Come on, cheer up! Don’t be so upset, you did pretty well to get into the semis.” Josh tried to lift the gloom off Baz’s face. They had been close friends since first grade and practically grew up together. Josh was among those present at the match. Being such close friends, he knew exactly what was going through Baz’s mind. “It was Elle, wasn’t it? Damn that bitch, she had the nerve to be there.” Josh was a person who never hid his true feelings. “Nah it wasn’t her, it was just my mistake.” Baz played it down. “Let’s go for some drinks!” Josh smiled and nodded, seeing that he had succeeded in lifting Baz’s spirits.

Baz stared at his test results, stunned. The big promotional exams are only weeks away and his results for all his subjects are still far from being ideal. If nothing is to be done, Baz knows that he will be heading for disaster. Being in the same class along with Haydon and Elle did not help Baz’s case of concentrating in class either. The recently concluded tennis championships also took up a large portion of Baz’s time, leaving him with little time to study. “Damn... What am I gonna do now?” Baz panicked. The stress was getting to his head.

When school ended, Baz immediately slipped into his tennis gear, having decided to take a break and play some tennis. He could not find Josh around but decided to go ahead anyway, hoping that perhaps somebody else will be there playing too.

“Hey! Wanna have a game with us?” a familiar voice shouted out as Baz entered the tennis courts. Three of the girls from the girls’ tennis team were practicing at the corner court. Baz accepted the invitation. One of them went up to Baz. “Hi! I’m Dawn. Nice to meet you.”

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Chapter 3: Mending a broken heart

There was only one word that could describe Baz’s feeling after that incident, traumatized. It was one of the last things he would have thought that could happen to him. “No use crying over spilt milk,” Baz consoled himself , “I must not let this incident get the better of me.” Baz was determined to stay strong. Occasionally on some nights, when the loneliness and emptiness descends upon Baz’s broken heart, Baz would just lie awake on his bed and find his pillow dampened by his tears. Other than that, Baz was getting along fine. Really.

“Right, that’s it for today. I’ll see all of you back here next week.” the tennis coach instructed. Tennis training had been pretty tough of late due to upcoming championships and Baz, having faithfully attended every single training session, wanted to do well. Most of the seniors in the team had already competed last year and the coach, Mr. Lerner, wanted to field in the juniors to see how they will fare. “Baz, make sure you do your best and make the college proud.” Baz remembered the words that Mr. Lerner said to him before leaving.

Mr. Lerner smiled as he filled in the team list for the tennis championships. He was certain that Baz will do him proud and he had placed high hopes in his uprising star. Ever since joining the school tennis team two months ago, Baz was highly motivated to train hard and he never missed a training session. It was his determination and consistency that impressed Mr. Lerner, who is also in charge of student welfare of Chatsworth College. One thing he noticed about Baz was his reluctance to reveal much about himself. Baz always seem to have something on his mind yet Mr. Lerner could not find out what it was. Nonetheless, he hoped that it would not affect Baz too much.

The long awaited day finally arrived. The sunny skies scorched the backs of every tennis player in their designated courts. Baz had been chosen to represent Chatsworth College in the men’s singles and the double’s tournament. He was all set to go.

“I want everybody to give their best effort today, no mistakes…” Mr. Lerner spoke to the team ahead of the battle. “Our opponents are no pushovers so I want everyone to focus.” He continued. “Before that, I would like to make an important announcement.” He paused a moment to keep the suspense.

“Our new captain for the tennis team for 2003 will be…” he looked into the eager eyes of the hopefuls.

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Chapter 2: Betrayed Trust

The lunch went on as smoothly as Baz could imagine it to be, except for the fact that there was little conversation between Baz and Elle, perhaps due to Baz’s shyness. There was one thing that troubled Baz though. Haydon and Elle seem to click together like old pals did and that was not the situation that Baz had wanted. Anyway, Baz felt glad that there were no glitches and as long as he felt right, he could still work his chance with Elle. Surely Haydon meant no harm at all, or so he thought.

A month or two passed and things did not progress the way Baz wished for them to be. The situation between him and Elle seem to have come to a standstill. Out of the blue, Baz received the dreaded news. It was rumoured that Haydon and Elle had got together. At first, it seems unbelievable to Baz and there was nothing on his mind except for questions. Baz remembered what Haydon had said when he approached Haydon for help, “Don’t worry pal… Just go for it. Being her close friend, I can tell that you stand a chance. Do your best and I’ll be behind you all the way!”

Has Haydon actually played Baz out in order to have Elle all to himself? Or has Baz just lost out to Haydon in this game of love? There are so many questions that keep resurfacing in Baz’s head yet he does not have an answer to anyone of them. Suddenly, the saying that goes “All’s fair in love and war.” is no longer true for Baz anymore.

What happened next was as unpredictable as the April weather. Indeed, the rumoured relationship has already blossomed into a happy and everlasting one at the expense of Baz’s misery. At times, the sight of Haydon and Elle just disgusts Baz but there was nothing Baz could do about it. There was no way that Baz could turn back the hands of time. As much as it may hurt Baz, he just had to get over it and carry on. Baz was determined not to let this unfortunate incident get the better of him and decided to at least try to put it behind him.

As Baz was making his way home from school, he decided to buy some food home while passing by the grocer’s. At the same time, he saw Haydon and Elle walking around town, hand in hand. There was a bitter taste in his mouth.

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The Junction of an Eighteen Mile Journey - Chapter 1: Promising Future

Now... a first story that is entirely created by me. Whether it is true or otherwise, I leave it to the individual to read it and to believe for himself. Its a ten-part series and I hope you may enjoy it. (Identities have been altered to protect the individuals. Any similarity is purely coincidental.) Here, I present...


Chapter 1: Promising Future

Baz stared long and hard at the stage. There was something going on at that moment but somehow he could not help but divert his attention away. It was extremely boring to the extent that one will derive more pleasure by watching a finger nail grow. Baz just did not had a clue as to what will he do or what is going to happen. "I better take things as they go..." he assured himself and took the easier way out. "Relax, there ain't going to be anything terrible that is going to happen to me. I'll be fine... I hope."

"Well... with that I guarantee all of you a pleasant stay in this college. You may return to your rooms now to gather with your fellow classmates." the principal bellowed. Baz was brought back to reality from his daydreaming. "Relax" was all he could murmur to himself as he entered his room. He quickly settled down in a corner table. Life in a new environment was never going to be easy but he was determined to get through it. The transition from high school to college was something that had to be overcame. Chatsworth College has been one of the more famous colleges around the North-east and Baz was more than happy to be admitted here.

In a blink of an eye, a month quickly passed and Baz was slowly getting into the rhythm of this new college life. Classmates have been great and made him felt very much at home. Like any adolescent male, Baz was gradually feeling a sense of attraction towards members of the opposite sex. It never used to be a problem for him as he just shook the feeling off whenever it arises. Now it is completely different and it involved somebody in his class! The excitement was more than he could handle and the feeling just grew day by day. Her name is Elle.

Engaging the help of a another classmate named Haydon, Baz managed to get to know Elle a little better but still, Baz did not felt that it was enough. Taking his courage further, he requested that Haydon arranged a small group outing to further boost his chances of getting closer to Elle. " This may just work out fine for me..." Baz grimaced at his ingenuity.
Two weeks later, the long awaited day came. It was scheduled to be after school. Baz followed the group of friends closely for lunch, consisting of Haydon, Elle, Shelly and of course Baz himself. "Boy Elle sure look good... I really have to take this opportunity to know her well!" Baz did not had this feeling before but he really enjoyed it.

Before lunch, he took his seat opposite Elle. "Hi, my name is Elle. Nice to meet you." Baz's heart almost stopped beating.

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Just moved over to this new site and it looks absolutely great. May everybody still enjoy the stories and poems I'll continue to post and don't forget to leave your precious comments by the side! Thanks...

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